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Redesigned home page

Submitted by Hugh on 15 December 2013

I am pleased to announce a newly designed home page for logged in users. And this is more than just making things look a bit prettier. In addition to displaying the number of words known, when you login, you will see the number of phrases you know, together with the list of how many phrases there are at each level.

Below shows my current Thai progress with Thai. How are you doing? Whatever your level, keep pressing on! And hopefully the new look will help to encourage you as you see your current progress every time you login.

Happy 1st birthday to Lingopolo!

Submitted by Hugh on 29 September 2013

One year ago today, on 29th September 2013, Lingopolo was born!

This is perhaps a good time to reflect on what has been achieved so far. I say so far, because there are many things I still want to do with the website to make it even better. But as I pause and take a look at what has been achieved already, I must admit that I am very happy with the progress so far toward the vision I have for Lingopolo.

Already the website has over 1700 words, over 500 phrases, and over 20 dialogues (as of today there are 1701, 557 and 22 respectively).

Over 2000 Thai recordings!

Submitted by Hugh on 7 September 2013

I am pleased to say that Lingopolo now has well over 2000 Thai recordings!

Indeed, at the moment of writing there are 2091 Thai recordings, consisting of 1611 Thai words, 481 Thai phrases, and 18 Thai dialogues.

I unfortunately missed the moment when Lingopolo passed the 2000 Thai recordings mark, but I am pleased to also announce a new Thai Statistics page to be able to more easily see exactly how many recordings there currently are.

For the record, here is a list of the progress so far: