Understand spoken language


Would you like to help add more words or phrases to Lingopolo? Great! Please volunteer to become a content editor!
There are many things which you can do to help. Here is a list of just some of them:

  • create recordings in your own language
  • prepare recordings (made by yourself or someone else)¬†for publication:
    • removing background noise
    • chopping them to the right length
    • making the volume a standard level
  • adding recordings to a page
  • classifying a word with the correct lesson (themed lessons like "Animals" or part-of-speech lessons like "Nouns")
  • finding a suitable photo
  • finding the correct word(s) for the literal breakdown of a phrase
  • making sure that all the words and phrases have a "Learn" button
  • peer-review of the work of other content editors

We have help pages and experienced editors to help you, so please join us today.
Interested? Please fill in the contact form with the answer to these two questions:

  1. what is your native language(s)?
  2. what language(s) would you like to help work on?

Help anybody learn any-language, from any-language, for free. Thank you.