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Serious bug with sound files not playing [now fixed]

Submitted by admin on 8 March 2024

Update 26th March 2024: bug now fixed

I'm extremely pleased to report that this bug now appears to be fixed (at least the problem which was appearing in the Google Chrome browser on Windows now appears fixed).

I noticed today that a major new version of the Google Chrome browser had been released and I immediately noticed that the audio problem was no longer was happening. I have checked with many people and they have all confirmed that the problem is now fixed. Thank you if you were one of those confirming that things are now ok.

Insights into the hardest-working Thai students

Submitted by admin on 18 June 2022

One of the most committed students of Thai on Lingopolo wrote to me and asked:


Hi Hugh,

Just wondering….

How many people taking the Thai course?

Are there some people who have been studying Thai with you, longer than me?

Your site is a GREAT resource.



Since I think the answer to such questions are perhaps of general interest I decided to try and answer them here.

Ukraine war pauses Lingopolo development

Submitted by admin on 19 March 2022

The software development of Lingopolo is currently all done by the amazingly-skillful Alex. Unfortunately, Alex is based in...Ukraine. As you will know,  the war against Ukraine started on 24th February, and, understandably, the last day that Alex was regularly working on Lingopolo development was 23rd February. The war in Ukraine has of course been a horrific disaster for the people there. It has also paused development on Lingopolo.

Dutch words and phrases go over 10,000

Submitted by admin on 14 December 2020

I am pleased to report that the number of Dutch entries (words, phrases, dialogues) has this week gone over the 10,000 mark.

Dutch statistics

This is the first of the languages to do so, and marks an important milestone.

Basically, the more words and phrases which there are included, the better it is for students to be able to go way beyond the beginner levels.