Understand spoken language


Multi-choice answers now all match correct answer length

Submitted by Hugh on 4 May 2015

I have tweeked Lingopolo so that now multi-choice possible answers are all same length. Previously there was the rather silly situation that the correct answer might be a single word, and yet the possible answers might include an extremely long phrase. No more! Now, if the answer is one word, the possible answers will all be one word. If the correct answer has, say three words, then all the answers suggested will contain three words. This means that the multi-choice experience is a lot more sensible. And a little bit trickier!

"Understand spoken Thai" tag line

Submitted by Hugh on 23 March 2015

I have changed the Lingopolo tagline to "Understand spoken Thai":

 understand spoken Thai

This is simpler than the old tagline (which was "Learn Thai through listening-based learning"), and it also focuses more on the Lingopolo benefit that you learn to understand spoken Thai, rather than on the method, that it is through listening-based learning.

The old header was as follows: