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New Thai lessons: Musical Instruments, Pets and Toys

Submitted by Hugh on 5 July 2013

I'm pleased to announce 3 new Thai lessons:

In the Musical instruments lesson, my favourite word is the Thai for triangle. Although it is clearly a transliteration of the English word, what I find interesting is the way they pronounce the end of the word. Instead of the English "l" sound, which does not exist at the end of Thai words, they end it with an "n" sound.

One thing I noticed about the Pets lesson, is the fact that they have 2 words for dogs, the normal word for dog, and a formal word for dog. How unusual. In English a dog is a dog is a dog. But in Thai it seems there is a special word just for talking about dogs in a formal way. Fascinating!

The thing I found most striking about the Toys and Games lesson, particularly if you play the recordings from the list of Thai words was just how many of the words are based on the English, words like skateboard, jigsaw and roller skate, though do make sure you read the interesting notes about the Thai pronunciation of the word for skateboard.