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New Dialogue Word Lessons and Dialogue Phrases Lessons

Submitted by Hugh on 16 July 2013

A recent Lingopolo addition which I am pretty pleased with is the introduction of Dialogue Word Lessons and Dialogue Phrase Lessons.

Dialogue Words Lessons Dialogue Phrases Lessons

The problem previously is that there was a big jump between studying individual words, such as the words in the Family Thai lesson and being able to completely understand any of the Thai dialogues. The only way previously was to learn all of the individual Thai words from all of the lessons, before you could reasonably understand the dialogues.

Now, there is straightforward method to mastering your understanding a dialogue, no matter how difficult the dialogue initially seems:

  1. learn the words in the associated Dialogue Word Lesson using the lesson quiz for the Thai words for that dialogue
  2. learn the phrases in the associated Dialogue Phrase Lessons using the lesson quiz for the Thai phrases for that dialogue
  3. listen to the dialogue and you should now easily understand it!

For example, suppose you wanted to master the Thai "At the hotel" dialogue.

First, you would do the "At the hotel" dialogue words Thai lesson. This would teach you relevant words like shower, bath and balcony.

Then, when you'd got a reasonable mastery of this vocabulary, you could move on to do the "At the hotel" dialogue phrases Thai lesson, where you would learn each of the phrases such as "And how much is a room without a seaview?" in Thai and "Yes, we have double and twin rooms." in Thai.

Following this method is a great way to target your vocabulary and phrase learning to a particular dialogue situation.

There are still a few things which I hope to add soon; for example, it's still a bit fiddly to go from a dialogue to the associated word and phrase lessons, but I hope to improve that over the coming weeks.

I hope you enjoy this new functionality. I'm off now to study a dialogue myself...