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Submitted by Hugh on 4 September 2015

If you have been using Lingopolo recently, you cannot possibly have missed the latest addition: gorgeous, beautiful, stunning, funny, lovely photos!

Many, many of the words, and quite a few of the phrases, and even one or two of the dialogues now have photos, for example:

photo on "bear" page

And now that many words and phrases have photos, the summary page for each lesson gets its own slideshow of photos from that lesson:

Animals lesson with snail

Animals lesson tiger

Animals kitten

Basically now everywhere the opportunity occurs to use the photos to help you remember they will appear. During a quiz, for example, the photo is shown during the answer:

Quiz answer

We hope this will make Lingopolo a much more pleasant place to be and study Thai, and also that these gorgeous photos will help you remember the words and phrases.