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"Mark this word as fully known" now not shown if word is already fully known

Submitted by Hugh on 7 February 2015

Until now, whenever you got a question right, Lingopolo would always ask you whether you want to ""Mark this word as fully known (i.e. move it to level 10)":

Mark this word as fully known

A slightly silly thing, which used to annoy me, was that it would even ask you this when the word was already going to be at level 10 (either because it was already there and you got the question right, or because it was at level 9 and you got the question right, so it would be going to level 10 automatically). Well, I am pleased to report that I have now fixed that little anomaly. Now, if the word is going to be at level 10, Lingopolo will not ask you this question.

I'm aware that this might be slightly confusing to you if you're used to seeing it, and you suddenly don't see it on a word, but the only way I see to avoid this would be to add something like "This word is marked as fully known (i.e. is at level 10)". It seems a bit fussy, since most people would neither notice or care. Anyway, for the moment, for this particular case, I now simply display nothing.