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Courses broken up into lessons of 10 words each

Submitted by Hugh on 15 August 2016

I am pleased to announce that the Lingopolo courses have now been broken up into lessons of 10 words each. This will make it much easier for you to learn the language in bite-sized chunks without getting overwhelmed by the huge number of words in any given course.

For example, the Animals Courses page now looks as follows:

Animals Courses

Each individual course contains just 10 words (whereas previously the Animals lesson had all 97 animals which Lingopolo knows). The Examples lesson has all the examples to enable you to practise just those 10 words.

For example, in the Animals 5 Course shown below, you will see the Animals 5 lesson has 10 animal words, including duck and lizard, and the Animals 5 Examples lesson has 21 words and phrases including lizards are reptiles and The duck is in the pond.

Animals 5 Course

The other very important thing to realise is that the words are not just randomly scattered across the courses, but they are carefully ordered to have the most frequently used words first. This means that you can confidently work your way through the different courses in order, knowing that you will learn the words in the most efficient order possible.

For example, the Animals 1 Course contains very common animals such as chickendogelephant (a very important animal word in Thai at least), and of course, one of the most essential animal words in Thai, the classifier for animals, digits, bodies, clothes and items of furniture which has 24 example sentences. Notice that there are 48 words and phrases in the Animals 1 Examples lesson, showing just how much these words turn up in the Lingopolo examples.

Animals 1 Course

Let's contrast this with the much more advanced Animals 8 Course. Here the animals are much more obscure: animals like, the beaverpenguin (not too many of those in Thailand), and sea urchin.

Notice too, that the Animals 8 Examples lesson has only 14 words and phrases. When you consider that 10 of these are the basic animal words, that only leaves 4 example phrases, so you will see it is no wonder that we rate these animal words as not so frequently used.

Animals 8 Course

Note that the content of each of the courses will gradually change as more and more example phrases are added, with the more frequently appearing words always showing up in the earlier courses.

Breadcrumb trail

Notice too that we have added a breadcrumb trail above the course which you can use to find your way around.

For example, you see below the breadcrumb trail from the Animals 8 Course:

Animals 8 Course breadcrumb

User-friendly URL

Last, but not least, notice that the URL is also made for user-friendly navigation, so that you can remove the number of the course you are currently on, and go back to the list of all the courses. For example: