Understand spoken language

Simplified quiz answer format

Submitted by Hugh on 10 January 2015

The way quiz answers are displayed has been improved by the removal of the Thai script.

This may seem strange that removing something can improve it, but the reason I think it improves things is that, unless doing the quiz for reading or writing, the emphasis should be on listening. Therefore, the student should be listening very carefully to the audio and not trying to read the Thai text.

Below is an example of the new, simplified, quiz answer format.

Correct answer for "chest"

Notice how it says:

  • Correct! This means "chest".

Previously it said:

  • Correct! อก means "chest".

This is a very subtle but very important change. It means the student is forced to say to themselves, "Hmm, this means 'chest'. What means 'chest'? Hmm, let me play the audio again and listen".

In addition the Thai text was also shown in a large font below the answer in English. Below is an old screen shot showing the Thai text as it was displayed in the past:

Correct "monkey" old style

This Thai text has now been removed for the quiz answer.

I know there may be some people who would prefer to have the Thai text visible. If you really want to know what the Thai text is, it is still accessible by following the link to the word. The new format ensures that during the study of a quiz the focus is 100% on the listening skill (which also helps to speaking with a good accent).

I wish you continued great progress on your Thai!