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Lingopolo hits 3000 Thai recordings!

Submitted by Hugh on 10 January 2014

I am very pleased to report that Lingopolo has now crossed the threshold of 3000 Thai recordings!

By the time you read this, the actual numbers will perhaps have moved on, but at the time of writing there are actually 3004 Thai recordings (3004 broken down as: 2031 Thai words, 969 Thai phrases and 22 Thai dialogues).

Thai Statistics

In addition, I am pleased to say that the number of example phrases relative to the number of words has increased from 42.1% (based on the 755 phrases for 1793 words of 28th October 2013) to 47.7% today (969 phrases for 2031 words). The aim, now that there is a solid base of vocabulary, is to really increase the number of sample sentences using that vocabulary. One of the things which does happen is that when sample sentences get added though, new words where are not yet on Lingopolo are often needed to complete the sentences. 

For the record, the arrival at this point is as follows:

Happy Thai study!