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Example phrases Thai lessons

Submitted by Hugh on 27 December 2013

I am extremely pleased to announce the addition of Example phrases Thai lessons. Each of these phrases lessons contains phrases around a particular theme. For example, there is the Animals example phrases lesson, which has phrases all of which contain one or more of the words from the Animals lesson. There is the Bedroom example phrases lesson to accompany the Bedroom words lesson, and there is the Food example phrases lesson to accompany the words found in the Food lesson.

You will notice that the general idea is that for each vocabulary lesson (Animals, Bedroom, Food etc.), there is an associated Example phrases lesson.

I am very excited about this development. Why? Well, up until now 80-90% of Lingopolo was centered around practising individual words. Sure, there are the Dialogue Phrases Lessons for practising phrases in a particular dialogue, such as the "Going to Don Muang to pick up a friend" lesson. But these phrases are very closely tied a single particular dialogue, and although they are useful for practise, they are sometimes a bit too specific. Sure, for the intermediate Thai student there is the global Phrases lesson, which has the entire collection of Thai phrases to practise. However, for the students who are lower intermediate or beginner (like me), this global lesson was a bit too difficult. Now however, with the new Example phrases lessons, there are lots and lots of useful phrases grouped into manageable collections with a strong easy-to-understand theme running through each collection.

My favourite are the Dates and Times example phrases lesson which really helps me to practise saying when I did something or when something is going to happen, and the Question words example phrases lesson which really helps me to practise my questions.

So, I recommend these new lessons for further practising and improving your Thai. Look for them on the online lessons page. Watch out too as more of these example phrases lessons get rolled out.

Example phrases Thai lessons